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10 Smart Home Products That Can Make Your Holidays Happier

The holidays are right around the corner! This time of year can certainly be exciting, stressful, and everything in between. Whether you're planning to travel to be with your relatives or are hosting others at your house, smart home technology will certainly make your holidays even happier. Check out our top10 must have products:
1.Smart door lock
With a smart door lock, you can give your out of town guests an access code so that they can come and go as they please while staying in town! It’s simple, they download the app on their smart device and put in the code to open the door. Let’s say they forgot the code while you’re out? No problem! You can also open the door from the app directly so that nobody is stuck in the cold.
2.Smart doorbell
The doorbell rings and the little ones immediately run to see who's arrived. Meanwhile you're upstairs wrapping their presents . Can they open it? With a smart doorbell you can see exactly who's on the doorstep and let your kids know whether or not it's okay to let the guest in. Or say it’s the delivery person dropping off some last minute gifts. We all know how quickly they ring the doorbell and run! With the Skybell, you can talk to the delivery person directly from your phone and let them know you’ll be right down to get your package! Lastly-- it has a super cool feature that plays a noise of your choice when it rings, which will automatically put your guests in the holiday spirit upon arriving at your house!
3.Smart thermostat
Keep your home at the perfect temperature with a smart thermostat! Warm up the house when you're coming home from your smart device. If you’re traveling, don’t worry about monitoring your home thermostat either. You can do it all on your phone when you’re away!
4.Smart oven
Speaking of temperature, we all know the uncomfortable feeling of the overly warm house amidst the extensive holiday cooking. It gets too hot- you open a window for instant relief, then a family member complains it’s too cold and we have a “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” scenario all over again. A smart oven will take care of this. It works with Nest to adjust the temperature of your home as you bake! In addition, you can preheat your oven when you’re on the go from your phone so that there’s no waiting when you get home and are ready to cook.
5.Smart outdoor security camera
Kuna outdoor camera allows you to see who’s at your front door and is disguised as a discreet lighting fixture. If you’re traveling, you’ll get an alert from the Kuna app anytime someone is at your door. You can talk to the person at your doorstep directly, or, if it’s an unwelcome guest you can sound an alarm from your phone right away. This is a home security must!
6.Smart light switch
With a Wemo switch you can control your inside and outside lights from anywhere! Want the inside lights around your tree on and off at a certain time? This is the solution. Or, if things are busier this year and you don't have time to get decorations up, smart lights have a bunch of different shades so you can give your home a festive feel from the palm of your hand! Add on the IDevice feature to track exactly how much energy you're using. Santa is a fan of energy efficiency, and this is a good way to stay on his nice list!
7.Amazon Echo
This device allows you to voice control your smart home when your hands are full. Want to hear your favorite Christmas song while your hands are full with wrapping paper? Just ask, “Alexa, play Santa Baby”. It works to control all of your other smart home products as well, from your lights to your locks!
8.Smart mattress cover:
The Eight mattress cover is perfect to ensure you'll get a good rest before Santa arrives. It will even brew your coffee for you before you get out of bed on Christmas morning!
9.Smart indoor cam
We all have that family member who's never in the home videos because they were busy holding the video camera to document your memories. With a Nest indoor cam, not only is your home protected from intruders all year long but your memories are captured and recorded. Plus, you can see when your kids get up so they don't catch Santa in his tracks!
10.Smart water heater:
if you're traveling for the holidays there's no need to waste money and energy to keep the water hot that's not being used at home.The old school way of turning the water heater on and off takes time. With a smart water heater, you can control this from the palms of your hands. On that note, you can turn the water back on so you can look forward to a nice shower the second you arrive home from your travels, while not wasting and paying while you're away.
In conclusion it's no secret there's a whole lot that goes on during the holidays we can't control; from your uncle who is a bit too fond of political discussions, to your Mother-in-law who's ever so critical of your every move. Thanks to smart home technology you can be in complete control of your home from the palm of your hand. If that doesn't put you in the holiday spirit, we don't know what will.
We wish you a very happy (and smart) holiday!

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